My name is Tracy! I am the owner of The Leopard Okie baby boutique! My daughter, Heather and I opened our baby shop soon after my first grand baby was born. We were both working full time jobs and wanted something different! She wanted to be a stay at home mom and I wanted to be able to work but still be available to my grand babies. Our little shop and our family has grown SO much since!! In just 3.5 years since opening our shop, my husband and I have10 grand babies... and counting!!! Our little shop is an extension of our family!! We had no idea the relationships we would develop and the precious babies we would see grow through our customers! We want to say Thank YOU for shopping with us!! We are thankful for each of you! We also want you to know that when you do shop with us you are supporting a “real family”  not a big retail chain that may not notice you! We DO notice you & appreciate your support of our small business!!